Medicare Supplement

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A Medicare Supplement Policy works hand-in-hand with Medicare – and helps pay the health care expenses that Medicare does not. We offer plans ranging from basic to more comprehensive coverage from the major carriers here in Louisiana.

Before you can understand how a Medicare Supplement Policy can help you, you have to understand how Medicare works. Medicare began in 1966 after President Lyndon B. Johnson signed it into law. Although Medicare has changed a little over the years, there is one thing that hasn’t changed – it is and always has been only a partial health care solution.

Medicare has three parts: Part A, Part B, and Part D. Each part provides different benefits, which are explained below:

  • Medicare Part A
    This is HOSPITAL INSURANCE, which covers you when you are an inpatient in either a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Most Medicare resipients do NOT pay for Part A coverage – a portion of the Social Security tax paid by employers and employees finances it. Please note: Part A benefits are NOT automatic. You must apply for them.
  • Medicare Part B
    This MEDICAL INSURANCE, which covers you for doctor’s services in and out of the hospital, some hospital outpatient services, and some other medical services and supplies. Part B coverage is OPTIONAL, and Medicare recipients must pay for Part B coverage. If you elect Part B coverage, the Part B premium is typically deducted automatically from your Social Security check each month.
  • Medicare Part D
    For the first time ever, everyone with Medicare, regardless of income, health status, or prescription drug usage, will have access to prescription drug coverage. This new coverage began on January 1, 2006. Because this new coverage is a vital addition to Medicare that will help people save money and live better, healthier lives, it’s important to have information about it. It will extend the promise of modern drug treatment to everyone with Medicare.

Here’s something else you should know about Medicare: As good as it is, it doesn’t cover everything. Evaluating all the different choices for supplemental coverage available from a lot of different health insurance companies can be overwhelming. Let us help you make the right choice.

For more information on Medicare Supplement and how we can assist you in your particular insurance needs, contact us.