Sign Up Today

How do I sign up?

First, talk with your company’s Benefit Specialist about the eligibility requirements. Then, make the following choices:

  1. Which expense categories do you want to participate in?
    Medical Reimbursement? Child Care Reimbursement?
  2. Calculate all your expenses that you had in all those areas.
    For example, last year, if you had doctor visits, prescriptions, glasses and routine trips to the dentist. Think about the expenses that are not covered by insurance (except cosmetic). Be sure to include the expenses of your spouse and/or children.
  3. Think of any special procedures that you might be doing in the next 12 months
    Contact lenses? LASIK eye surgery? Braces for the children? Dental work? Upcoming surgery?
  4. How To Enroll: Please contact your employer for the enrollment form.
  5. OmniFlex take care® Card: Your OMNI take care® convenience card will arrive in a white envelope with a return address of P.O. Box 2146, Minneapolis, MN 55402-2146. If you ordered a card for your spouse, both cards may be in the same envelope. If you ordered additional cards for other dependents, those cards will arrive in separate envelopes.

    Please remember that you do need to activate your card. It will activated the first time you use it.