Flood Insurance

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Did you know???

  • Flood losses are not covered by regular insurance. A special flood policy must be purchased to have protection from a flood.
  • Floodwaters have the power to damage not only your home and sense of security but to destroy your financial future.
  • Floods don’t just happen to other people.
  • Flood policies have a 30 day wait for benefits except on new property purchases.

In addition to flood insurance what other precautions do I need to take???

  • Maintain photographs or videos of your valuable possessions and store in a safe place.
  • Post emergency numbers by the telephone and teach children how to dial 911.
  • Plan and practice an evacuation route with your family.
  • Arrange with an out-of-area friend or relative to be your family’s contact should your immediate family members become separated in the event of a flood. Make sure all family members have the name and telephone number for this contact.
  • Consult with plumbers, electricians and fuel providers to make your house flood as flood safe as possible.

How do I find out if my property is at risk???

  • Contact an Omni representative with your property address.

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