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Coverage that Counts…

Why We Chose MGIS and Sun Life Financial

Medical Group Insurance Services, Inc. (MGIS) is an established leader in delivering distinctive benefit programs and services to medical practices across the country. Sun Life Financial is an international powerhouse known for its impressive financial strength and stellar insurance products. Together, these two industry leaders can offer Association members the best in group disability and life benefits. Here are a few reasons why MGIS and Sun Life Financial are the premier choice for Association members:

  • Discounts and a Free Specialty Rider
  • Best-in-Class Group Contract Features
  • Dedicated Claims Center
  • Great Services

Additionally, with MGIS acting as an advocate for association members, the claims process is hassle-free and convenient. Claims will be handled appropriately, and Association members will enjoy the high-touch services of a Dedicated Claims Center and friendly account managers. Best of all, you can focus on medicine, not your insurance coverage.

As an eligible association member, you can purchase specialized group life and disability plans for your practice.

Discounts and a Free Specialty Rider
The MGIS Association Program is designed to increase and support our membership, and ensure excellent products and services for all Association members. To this end, MGIS is pleased to offer members a 5% discount on all Group Life, Group Short Term Disability, and Group Long Term Disability insurance programs. Additionally, a Progressive Illness Rider will be included with the Group LTD plan at no additonal cost. Members who already belong to an MGIS-endorsed association can receive a 2% discount.

Best-in-Class Group LTD Contract Features for Association Members
MGIS and Sun Life Financial design and administer group disability programs specialized for physicians, offering one of the strongest group LTD contracts available at competitive prices. Some of these specialized Group LTD contract features include the following:

  • True “Own Specialty and Sub Specialty” definition of disability
  • Benefit levels available up to 66 2/3% to $20,000 a month (dependent on income levels and size of practice)
  • Does not offset your current individual disability insurance
  • Dual Residual Disability Formulas
  • Comprehensive Employee Assistance Program
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance Program
  • HR Essentials, an online resource for Human Resource questions and needs

Dedicated Claims Center
Sun Life Financial provides MGIS policyholders with a dedicated Disability Claims Center fully staffed with claims professionals experienced in the specialized needs of physician practices. Located in Portsmouth, NH, this center — along with the liason provided by the MGIS Account Manager — assures a hassle-free claims process.

Great Service… Guaranteed
MGIS and Sun Life Financial offer Service Guarantees that cover turnaround time for claims, financial accuracy, and even response time to phone calls. If they do not meet these service standards, our members will be given a refund as a peecentage of premium. It’s just another way MGIS and Sun Life Financial demonstrate their commitment to providing outstanding service for association members.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Physicians
When it comes to delivering insurance programs and services to medical practices across the country, MGIS and Sun Life Financial can promise coverage as distinctive as the groups that make up the Louisiana State Medical Society.

MGIS has the knowledge, resources, feature-rich products, and years of consistent experience to assure Association’s peace of mind. With innovative solutions for Group Long Term Disability, or Group Life, MGIS can meet the unique needs of our Association.

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