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Who is eligible?
Employees, spouses and dependent children are eligible to participate. Employees must be enrolled in the program to have coverage for a spouse and child(ren).

In order to be covered, you must be actively at work with the participating employer for at least 20 hours per week and must have met the eligibility waiting period for coverage. If you are not working due to illness or injury, you are not eligible until you return to work.

Your spouse must also be actively at work and if not employed, must be able to perform the normal activities of a person of the same age and gender. If your spouse is not working due to illness or injury, your spouse is also not eligible until he/she returns to work. A spouse who is disabled is not eligible for coverage.

How Much Coverage May I Elect?

Employees may elect coverage for themselves in the following amounts:

The Plan provides for a Guaranteed Issue Amount of up to $150,000 for physicians and other designated employees and up to $100,000 for all other employees (please see your employer for confirmation of which amount is applicable to you). Guaranteed Issue is available to those employees who enroll within 31 days of their eligibility date. The maximum coverage employees may elect is the lesser of 5 times their annual earnings or $500,000.

Spouses may be covered in the following amounts:

Spouse coverage has a Guaranteed Issue amount of up to $30,000. The spouse’s coverage amount may not exceed 50% of the employee’s elected amount.

Dependent children may be covered in the following amounts:

When is coverage effective?
You are eligible for coverage on the first of the month following the number of continuous service days as an active full-time employee as required by the employer. Dependents may also be covered at this time, but not before you are covered. Any coverage requiring medical evidence of good health will not be effective until approved by The Hartford.1

Do benefits reduce due to age?
At age 70, the amount of insurance for you is automatically reduced by 50%. Coverage for your spouse will also automatically reduce at this time to be no more than 50% of your elected amount of coverage.

What happens if I become totally disabled?
If you become totally disabled prior to age 60, the amount of insurance may be continued in force without premium payments for as long as the total disability continues. In addition, any coverage in force for your spouse and/or children will also remain in force without premium payments.

What happens if I become terminally ill?
If you or a dependent covered for more than $10,000 becomes terminally ill, and that illness results in a life expectancy of 12 months or less, an accelerated death benefit may be requested of up to 50% of the covered amount up to $100,000.

Can coverage be continued if I terminate employment?
You and your eligible dependents may elect to continue your coverage at favorable group rates provided the employer continues as a participant employer, employment terminates for a reason other than retirement, and the coverage is not converted.

You may elect to convert any coverage that you do not continue. Both continuation and conversion are available without providing medical evidence of good health.

Who receives the benefits?
You and your spouse may each designate a beneficiary(ies). If your spouse does not name a beneficiary, your spouse’s benefits will be payable to you. You are automatically designated as the beneficiary on your dependent child’s coverage.

When does coverage terminate?
Coverage terminates when you are no longer eligible under the terms of the policy, premiums are due and not paid, or the employer is no longer a participating employer.

Are there any exclusions?
Yes, no benefits will be payable for any death due to suicide within two years of the coverage effective date.

What is the cost for coverage?
The cost of coverage for the employee or spouse is based on the individual’s age. The cost will be updated on a a monthly basis following the insured’s advance into the next age bracket.

The Cost of coverage for dependent children is $.50 per $2,500 regardless of the number of children covered. Premiums are paid by payroll deduction and are subject to change without prior notice.

To determine your monthly cost, divide the desired coverage amount by $10,000. Multiply the resulting number by the applicable age-based premium rate above (see example below).

Dave is 44 and would like $200,000 in coverage. His monthly cost would be calculated as follows:

How do I apply?
Contact us for an Enrollment Form. If the coverage amount requested requires medical evidence of good health, you will also need to complete and return the Personal Health Statement.