OMNI 125 Card


In today’s competitive world of recruiting and retaining talented people, human resource departments are looking for a broad range of benefits to attract and retain employees. The OMNI 125 Card gives your employees easy, convenient access to their FSA or DCA account. With the OMNI 125 Card, not only do your employees win, but also your organization will reduce paperwork associated with these accounts while achieving important tax savings. The OMNI 125 Card can increase your organization’s flex account participation thereby lowering your company’s FICA taxes.

The Benefits include:

  1. Simplified Flex Account access
  2. Increases employee Flex participation and decreases payroll taxes

Are your participants tired of spending time submitting receipts and reimbursement forms then waiting weeks or months for a check to arrive in the mail? With the OMNI 125 Card, your employees will have an easy way to access their funds.

The Advantages include:

  1. Merchants and providers are paid at the point-of-sale
  2. No out-of-pocket expenses at the time of service
  3. Reduced paperwork
  4. Employees may be eligible for discounts at participating merchants and providers
  5. Easier access and more efficient use of your employees flex funds decreases the risk of losing unused funds at the end of the year